ThreeFam Show at Boston City Hall

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This project is a deep look into the strange, odd, unique dynamic of the Three Family home in the city of Boston. Each Rifrákt member will do an original interpretation of a Three Family house that explores the role and significance of the “Three Fam” in the City of Boston. The density and diversity of a typical Three Family housing situation is endlessly fascinating. Within a relatively small area there are many different lives unfolding, each one believing it is the most important and each one having scant knowledge of what is going on around them. The architectural form, structure, color and density combine to make each home as unique as the individuals who reside within. It is fascinating how so many people can live so close together yet have such limited knowledge and interaction of one another. The purpose would be to represent the dynamic and diversity of different living situations. By having multiple artists interpret their feeling and relationship towards the “Three Fam” it will produce a rich and cohesive body of work consisting of photography, illustration, painting and printmaking. The range of styles and mediums will serve to reflect the diversity in structure and humanity that meld together to become the “Three Fam.” POSTER DESIGN BY SGAY