mixed media animation

Official Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics & Boston Art Commission “30 Second Cinema” winner

I was selected to display a short film on the 14’x48′ digital display outside Fenway Park on Lansdowne & Ipswich!

Here is live footage of it playing next to Fenway:

And here is the full video:



On December 12, 2012 (12/12/12) I was invited to contribute to the One Day on Earth feature length film, documenting a moment in my day. Here is my contribution á la stop motion:





video/animation experimental pieces

The following video pieces are a part of an expanding project in which I’ve been documenting myself over the past 5 years. With social networks, Facebook and Instagram, these days it is easy to hit a button and generate a “Year in Review” video. However I started cataloguing my goings on before such programs were offered to it’s users.







You can view more of my animation and video work on Vimeo

documentary video  pieces

Check out this —> video <—- I made to support a collaborative effort that will bring FREE, one-day woodworking workshops to Boston schoolchildren throughout the month of October.

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Bikes Not Bombs from sarah gay on Vimeo.

Engaged Practice from sarah gay on Vimeo.

digital animation

Willodean‘s ‘Glass Bottom Boat’ was made in collaboration with fellow illustrator, Lauren Briere of Austin, Texas. See more of her work here.

There is a great write up on ARTISTdirect about the band and the video here.

As well as another great review on

“If you want to get creative and turn heads with your music video, then going animated is a pretty good way to do it. Willodean know that, as they have recently released the video for their latest single ‘Glass Bottom Boat’, the follow-up to ‘Pieces’ (see our feature here). Austin-based animator Lauren Briere designed the characters and beautiful cityscape, while multimedia designer Sarah Gay-O’Neill brought it to life. The result is a quaint, charming and visually pleasing video that perfectly accompanies the relaxing, gentle and wistful sounds of the song.”


Storyboarding, concept, and character designs based on work collaborated with Vida Health Communications

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